Category: Police Department News

Monthly Tornado Siren Test

We are testing our tornado sirens! Please do not panic – this is a test only. #DeLeonPassion #homeofthePeachandMelonFestival #busiestTownfriendliestPeople

County-wide Burn Ban Lifted

The County-wide burn ban has been lifted as of 03/27/2018. Before burning, please report your controlled burn to dispatch at (325) 356-2222. #DeLeonPassion #homeofthePeachandMelonFestival #busiestTownfriendliestPeople

Wedding Rings in Lost & Found

Saturday, March 24, 2018 , De Leon Police Department had two wedding rings turned in. If you are missing wedding rings, please contact De Leon Police Department to try to identify these rings. For best results, contact Comanche Central Dispatch at 325-356-2222 and the on duty officer will contact you back.

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