Animal Shelter

The city requires all animals within the city limits have rabies vaccination and city tags. These can be purchased at the City Hall office located at 125 S Texas Street.

Hours of Operation

  • Mon. – Fri., 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


  • Rabies Voucher: $10
  • City Tags: $6.00 / $4.00 if pet is spayed/neutered
  • Adoption Fee: $34 (includes rabies and city tags)

Animal Control Officer

ACO Corey Young

Corey Young, Certified Animal Control Officer

Email Corey

Phone: 254-893-4580 or (City Hall) at 254-893-2065
Address: P O Box 318 – De Leon, Texas 76444

Adoptable Pets

Click here to view adoptable pets.

7 thoughts on “Animal Shelter

  1. Hey Eddie!

    We have space opened up now with 2 of our fosters. I would like to come out tomorrow or Friday and take a look at what animals you have in the shelter. Would you please let me know what a good time is and directions for the shelter?

    You can call the adopt-a-pet number and it leaves me a message. Or just email me back. I always check the email quicker!

    Loree B

  2. I’m very concerned about the huge number of dogs running loose in town and the endless barking of the dogs that are actually fenced. It seems to be on the increase. It is a reflection of how many irresponsible dog owners we have. These people could care less about laws or ordinances and the peace or welfare of the citizens who live around them. If the animal control officer isn’t spending every available moment of his shift patrolling for violations of the leash law, he is failing in his duties.

    1. I will meet with the ACO and see what is going on about the animal situation. I will post a response to your complaints after I have talked with the ACO. Thank you for your concerns.

    2. If the animal control officer spent every amount of time surveying the leash law the taxes would go up to hire someone else to do the other duties performed by the animal control officer. People cost money and individuals who multitask can only stretch themselves so far. Besides barking dogs are a noise ordinance not an animal control issue! I know I do not want my taxes or water bill going up to suit a few individuals.

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