Police Department Personnel Complaints

All complaints should be filed with the Chief of Police.

If the complaint is against the police chief, you will file with the City Administrator at City Hall.

Filing a Complaint with the De Leon Police Department

The following information has been disseminated to the public as a part of an educational campaign aimed at informing community members of the complaint process relevant to violations of the Texas Racial Profiling Law.

Understanding the Process

Once an individual has filed a complaint regarding racial profiling, he/she should expect the following process to commence:

 The Interview

A police officer (rank of sergeant or higher) will interview the individual filing the complaint. The officer will ask the alleged complainant questions about what happened.  The officer may be able to explain the officer actions to your satisfaction.

  • Usually, the alleged victim will be interviewed at the Police Department’s main building.  It is possible that he/she may be videotaped during the interview.
  • The individual filing the complaint may bring a lawyer, family member, or friend to the interview.
  • The police officer will ask the individual filing the complaint for the names of witnesses and other police officers that may know facts about the complaint.
  • The investigating officer may take pictures of any injuries that the alleged victim think are related to the complaint.

The Investigation

After the interview, the De Leon Police Department will investigate the alleged misconduct.  The investigator(s) will talk to witnesses and visit the site of the incident.

Compliment or Complaint

Compliments may be made in person at the De Leon Police Department, De Leon City Hall or via email at edyson@cityofdeleon.org. Complaints may be made at the De Leon Police Department, De Leon City Hall or a complaint form may be downloaded from the city’s website below.


Click here to download the complaint form.

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