What noises are prohibited by City Ordinance?

Definition: Any unreasonable loud, disturbing or unnecessary noise which causes disturbance, discomfort or injury to persons of ordinary sensibilities in the immediate vicinity of the noise is hereby declared a nuisance and is prohibited within city limits.


  1. The sound of any horn or signal device from a motor vehicle, except a danger signal, that is plainly audible inside any dwelling unit or residence.
  2. Engine Brakes, or similar mechanical or vehicular devices resulting in noise of a volume that a person of ordinary sensibilities is disturbed or annoyed or so as to create a loud or harsh sound plainly audible within any dwelling unit or residence within the City boundaries.
  3. The playing music or operation of any device designed for sound reproduction, including but not limited to any radio, television set, musical instrument, audio system, including cassette tape players, compact disk players, speakers, in such a manner or with such volume as to be plainly audible in any dwelling unit or residence which is not the source of the sound, or to operate any such device out of doors or on public property or a public right-of-way so as to be plainly audible 50 feet or more from such device and or causes a person to be aware of the vibration accompanying the sound at a distance of 50 feet or more from the source.

This does not apply to motor vehicles, equipment or sound devices being used for business or political purposes, properly permitted, operating in the normal course of business or for the purposes of public health and safety, or events permitted under Section 2 of Ordinance #009-10.

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