FAQ Topic: Sanitation

Can I put cut grass clippings in the polycart?

Customers are NOT allowed to put grass clippings in the polycart. Customers are asked to bag their grass clippings and leaves and sit by the edge of the road for bulk pickup. Map for your bulk pick up is below: (Bulk is done on Thursdays depending on what Zone you are in) City Map of Zones for … Continued

How do I find my trash pickup day?

Regular Trash PickUp: West side of town – Monday East side of town – Thursday Bulk PickUp: Every Thursday depending on the zone you live in. City Map of Zones for Trash  

How do I dispose of paints and chemicals?

Customers are asked to sit all paint cans outside with the lid off and fill them with kitty litter; to absorb the paint. If you should have any further questions regarding what you can put in your trash for pickup, please visit http://www.progressivewaste.com/en/home/curbside-collection/hazardous-waste

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