Place One Council Member

Emma Gonzales 

Place Two Council Member 

Trudy Spears

Place Three Council Member

Laura Brown

Place Four Council Member

Diana Klepac

Place Five Council Member

Lisa Amick


You may contact any of the council members at:

P.O. Box 318
De Leon, Texas 76444
Phone:  254-893-2065  / Fax:  254-893-3254


  • Meetings: Monthly on 2nd Monday
  • Time: 5:30 p.m.
  • Location: City Council Chambers at 125 S. Texas Street, De Leon, Texas

The city council meetings are open to the public and anyone wishing to come and sit in and see what is being discussed may do so. There is a public comment on each agenda, so that you may voice your concerns and be heard. The council cannot respond on anything stated in the public comment, but can address it at another council meeting or it may be handled by one of the department heads or the mayor. We welcome you to attend and see what your elected officials are working on and how they conduct business.




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