How do I pay my ticket?

You can pay your ticket online here.

For questions or alternate payment methods, you may contact the court at:

  • Their Website (click here)
  • P:(254) 893-6851
  • F: (254) 893-3254
  • P.O.Box 318/125 S Texas, De Leon TX 76444

In addition to your fines, by ordinance this court is required to charge an $1.25 credit card fee. If you wish to pay off your ticket other than online, please be prepared to present identification and make a plea.

I got a ticket from the De Leon Police Department. What now?

You will need to appear before the Presiding Judge at the De Leon Municipal Court, before or at the time and date at the bottom of your ticket.

Court is held at 10 am on Tuesdays and Fridays, (except for holiday closings) at 125 S Texas ST, De Leon TX 76444. If you fail to appear or call by that time, the court could charge you with Failure to Appear or Violate Promise to Appear, and a warrant could be issued for your arrest.

I have a warrant out for my arrest from the De Leon Municipal Court. How do I resolve it?

If you have a warrant out for your arrest:

  • Your drivers license will be suspended.
  • Your fines + court cost will be assessed against your credit.
  • If you are stopped you may be arrested.
  • Your warrant will appear in online registers and all corresponding law enforcement software.

After your case(s) have gone to warrant, the court can only accept a payment in full to clear them. If you would like to set up payment arrangements, you may call our Collection Agency at 1(866) 955-5455. Give them your name & situation, and they will notify the court of each payment you make.

If your warrants have been cleared, failure to make payments will result in re-issue of the warrants.

Where would I file a complaint against another person?

For class c misdemeanors or code enforcement violations, the Municipal Court. Our prosecuting attorney will review the complaint and may press charges. The form may obtained at the Municipal Court’s offices, or click here for a downloadable copy. Do NOT sign it without the Clerk of the Court witnessing your signature, or it will not be valid.

If the situation is major, urgent,  concerns organized criminal activity or public safety, you need to contact the De Leon Police Department (click here).

I would like to file a Civil Suit. Can I do it at the De Leon Municipal Court?

No, the De Leon Municipal Court is a Criminal Court of Non-Record. To file a civil suit, you will need to contact the Comanche County Justice of the Peace’s office.

A Trooper or Deputy Sheriff wrote me a ticket. Can I take care of it at the De Leon Municipal Court?


When a State Trooper, Constable, or Deputy Sheriff gives you a ticket it will be filed with the Comanche County Justice of the Peace.

How do I dispute a ticket?

If you wish to contest your citation, you must first enter a plea with the court. If an agreement cannot be met, the defendant will be placed on a Pre-Trial conference with the City Prosecutor.  

You may contact the court at:

(254) 893-6851

or mail your request to:

De Leon Municipal Court
P O Box 318
De Leon, Texas 76444

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