FAQ Topic: Loud Noise

Do I need to apply for a Noise Permit?

To view the Noise Ordinance, click here. Any person wanting to hold an outdoor event that will include the playing of music or the operation of any device designed for sound reproduction, including, but not limited to, any radio, television set, musical instrument, audio system, including cassette tape players, compact disc players, and speakers, loud … Continued

What noises are prohibited by City Ordinance?

Definition: Any unreasonable loud, disturbing or unnecessary noise which causes disturbance, discomfort or injury to persons of ordinary sensibilities in the immediate vicinity of the noise is hereby declared a nuisance and is prohibited within city limits. Prohibited: The sound of any horn or signal device from a motor vehicle, except a danger signal, that … Continued

How do I apply for a Noise Permit?

You must apply in person at city hall to the City Secretary for a Noise Permit. The permit is subject to approval of the Mayor, or City Council. Please be prepared to pay a permit fee of $25. To view the ordinance regulating noise, click here.

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